Agent Spotlight: Mike Dahl

mike dahl

Mike Dahl has been with RE/MAX Momentum since 2015 and has been licensed since 2003.     Mike came to a career in real estate amazingly well prepared.  Prior to becoming a Realtor, Mike was a licensed general contractor and had been a mortgage loan officer as well.  Of course, it was a natural progression from Loan Officer, and construction, but you might say it was in his blood; both Mike’s parents were real estate agents so the life was always one he could embrace.

With his diverse background in all things real estate, Mike is a rising star. He became a member of the RE/MAX 100% Club in 2016 and has repeated that success each year; he is striving to achieve the Platinum Award. With his fun personality, his diligence, knowledge, and ability to relate to all types of clients he will, no doubt, see Platinum soon.


Mike is the devoted husband of Lindsy and proud, loving father of MJ.  Four legged Bella and Harley round out the family group. Like many Coloradoans, the Dahl family enjoys mountain activities; camping, snowmobiling, and 4 wheel rock crawling are big favorites.  Mike is also a hunter and Harley rider, and he avidly roots for the Minnesota Vikings.  He loves just about everything about Colorado, albeit the roads can be described more has have a long way to go rather than are a way to go.

Mike views his real-estate career as not only a challenging and satisfying career, but as a path to providing financial security for his family so that they can do what they want to do, when they want to do it. Mike also sees real estate investment as the way to provide long term for his son; maybe even a small investment property empire.

Mike Dahl strives to provide unmatched service with a painless process so that his clients have absolutely no choice but tell everyone how great he is!

Award Recipients from 2017

RE/MAX Momentum was pleased to awards many of their agents with awards at their annual awards presentation on March 10, 2018.  Here is a list of the award winners…

New additions to the RE/MAX Hall of Fame: Jennifer Sheldon and Judith Pfeifer

Platinum Plus: Greg Portlock

Platinum: Christina Suprenant, Linda Deland, Michelle Dent-Jackson, Juliet Wright, Jeff Rohr

Gold: Brenda Solano, Brad Willems, Jennifer Sheldon

100%: Jen Crow, Dustin Duff, Kerri and Ray Navarro, Darren Crocker, Yvette TeVelde, Sabrina Sailas, Judy Pfeifer, Kevin Gross, Jennifer Markham Gallegos, Laura Owen, Jami Bedsaul, Christa Madrid, Mike Dahl, Nicole Villani Skaggs, Terra Arxberger, Leigh Ann Mitchell, Scott Green, Sue Stylianos Merich

Executive: Jennifer Zimmerman, Mark Dobrovolny, Lisa DeHerrera, Sherry Parrish, Jeanne Pitre, Maria Lallas, Holly Stickle, Darlene Cole, Doug Maestas, Chuck Westrum, Debi Keene, Jan Johnson, Sean Bratt, Jennifer Hoskins, and Marci Herrera.

Stepping it up: Nicole Villani Skaggs

Rookie of the Year: Dustin Duff

Heart of Momentum: Jason Taylor


Please congratulate these agents on all of their hard work and commitment.

Agent Spotlight: Brenda Solano

brendasolanoPhotoBrenda Solano joined RE/MAX Momentum in August 2010.    Brenda had held a real estate license since 1996 and had used her skills as a translator of Spanish/English to assist clients.  Prior to coming to RE/Max Brenda was translator for North Metro Community Service.  Brenda saw that there was a need for her totally amazing bi-lingual skill, and her compassion fueled her desire to serve the Spanish speaking community. Add to this that real estate is fun, albeit challenging, and allows a super intelligent and ambitious lady like Brenda Solano to thrive intellectually, emotionally and financially and voila, a winning combination.  Brenda has received the prestigious RE/MAX 100% award several times which attests her admirable success in the business.

Brenda is that combination of high energy participant, and quiet introvert.  She likes to spend time alone listening to music while cleaning her house, yet loves to be out dancing and having fun.  This beautiful, professional woman is never pushy and never loud, but one immediately recognizes the steely core and keen observant nature that does not miss a thing and allows Brenda to gracefully, and if needed, forcefully, come out on top of any transaction.

Brenda’s favorite dance partner is her husband of 24 years Rodolfo Solano.  They have three children, Leo, 21, a senior at CSU, Ismael, 20, a college freshman at Aims community College  and a proud member of the Air Force Reserve, and Eliezer, 13, a 7th grader at Foundations academy  and star Scout.  Brenda has enjoyed not only the financial benefits of Real Estate, which have helped hugely with kids in college. But the flexibility of dictating her own hours to be with her family and never leaving her kids unattended; Being able to attend Leo’s track events, and all the Scouting events; Ismael was an Eagle Scout and Eliezer is now following in his brother’s footsteps.  Brenda has become a master of time management!

Brenda enjoys reading, camping and hiking, dancing, cooking, working out, travel, and spending time with her family. She is treasurer of her HOA, and has been a Committee Member of her sons’ Scout Troop for nine years.  She is also a Boy Scout Councilor for some Merit Badges.  She has accompanied Brighton Troop 109 on many of her boys’ Scout camping trips.  The Master of Time Management title is more than deserved.

As far as Colorado is concerned, Brenda loves the seasons and the colors, and the weather, she paraphrases Forest Gump, “the weather in Colorado is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re going to get.”

Regarding her profession, Brenda believes that much of her success comes from working by referral. Brenda is friendly, and stays in touch with her clients, who are not only repeat clients, but also now, Brenda enjoys the pleasure and excitement of helping her client’s children buy their first home.  Brenda wants to serve and help her clients buy their first, or second home or sell a home while feeling happy and stress free during the transaction, trusting that a professional is taking care of them with knowledge, professionalism and good care.  All of Brenda’s clientele will tell you that she succeeds beautifully in doing just that.

Agent Spotlight: Darren Crocker



Darren Crocker joined RE/MAX in 2002 and came to the RE/MAX Momentum family in 2010.   Prior to real estate, Darren had been doing something he loved.  He did custom auto body and painting on drag racing cars in California; and he continued auto body and painting for car dealerships after moving back to Colorado.  A Darren Crocker car always elicits an enthusiastic WOW!

The problem with that career is that it is not healthy.  The paint fumes and bondo dust were taking a definite toll on Darren’s lungs and overall health.  Darren wanted a better quality of life for his family and himself; he wanted to be around to see his kids grow up.  So he found something else he loves to do; real estate, the career that allows him the flexibility and ability to answer only to himself.  He is so not a typical 8 to 5, yes boss, kind of guy.

Darren’s specialty is finding homes with big garages as he can really relate to car people; it is always extra fun to revel in like interests.  Yet Darren totally enjoys helping people make the biggest decisions of their lives allowing them to live out their own dreams of becoming a home owner in a house they like. Regardless of interests or specific tastes, Darren loves finding that perfect home; or helping to sell in record time for record price.

The love of cars and racing is still in Darren’s blood and his favorite team is his own 78 racing team!!! His second favorite team is the 78 Furniture Row Racing team in the NASCAR series which he works as a second job; but truly more for fun.  Darren’s success on the track is noteworthy and he has carried that ambition and drive, if you will, into his main career.  Darren is the honored recipient of the RE/MAX Hall of Fame Award and he has been in the 100% Club for the last 5 consecutive years.

When asked what makes him successful, he answers without hesitation, “my wife”. (Ladies, do we love this guy or what!) He adds that believing in himself and having a dedicated team of assistants to keep him, and all the paperwork, organized contributes immensely.

In addition to his beautiful wife of fifteen years, Lacy, the Crocker family has 3 smart, talented, and funny kids all with their own unique personalities: Colton, 21, Makenna, 12, and Gracie, 10.  Family time for the Crocker’s is especially fun!! They get to enjoy seeing dad race cars, go camping, boating, jet skiing and helping dad build hot rods.

Darren says he is grateful that his career provides a feeling of personal gratitude in helping others fulfill what feels like a far-fetched dream and turn it into reality with great satisfaction.  Seeing the happiness it bring to his clients makes it all worthwhile.   Having all this in beautiful Colorado with its 4 seasons and beautiful mountains, is so wonderful.  Whether driving a race car or a hard bargain to get you the best real estate deal; Darren Crocker always drives away with the trophy!

Agent Spotlight: Scott Green

ScottScott Green has been with RE/MAX Momentum early 2016.   Scott is a proud recipient of the RE/MAX 100% club award for 2017.  Prior to going into real estate Scott worked in the accounting industry for ten years.  He also launched a couple of businesses.  Scott always knew he wanted to be in charge of his time, earning potential and the way he did business from day to day.

The corporate world was not a good fit for Scott Green; it was not the place for his visionary thinking and his desire to help people.  Real estate allows Scott to help people unlock opportunities for their future.  He wants to help people envision a better future for themselves, especially when they can’t yet see it.  Regardless of the stage of life people are in, they often struggle to realize the range of possibilities at their fingertips.  It is Scott’s hope to help each of his clients see what is truly possible for them.

Scott is the proud father of four; Dacia, 18, Cahlel, 11, Emmy, 9, and Canaan, 9.  Scott and his wife have been married for seven years.  This professional couple enjoys a busy life of chauffeuring kids to various activities. Scott often coaches his boys in football and his daughter in softball.  Real estate allows Scott the freedom to structure his own time and dictate his priorities.  Scott says real estate allows him to be present for his family and enjoy special moments with them without missing out on a rewarding career.

Scott’s favorite activities are golfing, bowling (with his mom and sisters and grandma!) playing football or basketball with his kids, coaching youth football and little league basketball and softball, and reading for personal growth. Yes, this avid sportsman is a Broncos fan.  He also loves Colorado for the endless opportunities for outdoor experiences plus the majestic mountain views and the weather.

Scott quadrupled his sales from year one to year two in the industry.  He attributes his admirable success to being focused and driven; and being faithful to the routines he keeps in life and in business. Scott sees the purchase or sale of real estate as one of life’s most monumental moments.  His goal is to ensure that he knows his clients, knows the market, and uses that information to negotiate the best deal possible for them.  Scott Green loves the connections he makes with his clients through each transaction.  What begins as a business deal often ends up in a friendship for those clients fortunate enough to have chosen Scott Green to represent them.

Agent Spotlight: Greg Portlock

greg p

Greg Portlock has had a long career in real estate, something like twenty-five years and counting.  He came to RE/MAX Momentum in 2010 not long after the first Momentum office opened in Brighton.

Prior to real estate, when Greg was quite young and exploring careers, he sold carpet cleaning and cleaned carpets and was a waiter.  His mom, a very successful commercial realtor, convinced him to try commercial real estate. So finally, he did.  Greg enjoyed commercial real estate somewhat, but he was missing something essential for him.  People in need.

Now Greg would be last person to say he has this special soft spot in his heart for helping those who really need him; but I believe it is the core of who Greg Portlock is.   Successful at selling properties, absolutely! Greg counts among his awards for real estate the RE/MAX Lifetime Achievement award, the RE/MAX Hall of Fame award as well as multiple Platinum awards. Tough negotiator, absolutely!  Always ready for a good time and fun to be with; absolutely. But Greg has a unique approach to what he does. He stays in tune with what is going on and perceives what people really need at any given time.

Greg tried doing condo conversions and fix n flips for a while in the late 90’s and early 2000’s but the downturn after 9/11 caused that path to be less lucrative and much too risky.  Greg saw a need.  He started helping people avoid foreclosure.  This was before the industry saw the need and started offering classes on short sales.  He started negotiating with banks and, yes, essentially doing short sales. This allowed Greg to build quite a grateful and loyal following.  So his career remained strong in the good times as well.

Greg and his wife, Robyn, have been married for 23 years and have two great kids.  Daughter Hannah is 22, engaged, and studying nursing.  Son, Alex, is 19, just out of high school and becoming an entrepreneur.  Greg and Robyn have bought a ServiceMaster franchise and Alex and Robin are running the business.

When asked his favorite sports team, Greg enthusiastically replied the Oklahoma Sooners.  Greg originally hails from Oklahoma, but moved with his family to Denver in his teens because his Dad was pilot for Frontier.  So Greg finished growing up in Arvada.  Greg loves Colorado for the beautiful mountains, the change of seasons, the lack of humidity; but even more so for the variety of people. He pointed out that we Coloradoans are not stereotypical.  We have urbanites, Boulderites, plains folks, mountain folks, small towners, university types, name a type and you’ll find them in Colorado.  And in his spare time, in addition to golf and motorcycling, Greg most likes hanging out with people, family, friends and meeting all kinds of folks.

What makes Greg Portlock successful?  Staying in tune with what’s going on and providing people with what they need.  Greg’s pursuit of real estate provides the best, meeting and helping people, financial security for his family, and building a reputation that lasts.

Agent Spotlight: Emily Perrotto


Emily Perrotto came to RE/MAX MOMENTUM early 2017 after an amazing career in marketing.  Emily was Marketing Director for the PGA Commons Mall and prior to that, Marketing Director for a shoe designer.

It seems, though, that Real Estate was in Emily’s blood; her father, brother, and husband are all in Real Estate, albeit commercial.  Realizing the great benefits of the profession but preferring the more personal connection that residential Real Estate provides, Emily came to Momentum.  Being fairly new to the profession, Emily has yet to start chalking up awards, but she CLOSED her first deal in 14 days!

Emily’s drive to provide her clients with the best client services will certainly assure her further success.  She specializes in being able to connect and empathize with what clients are experiencing and feeling when pondering the idea of making a big life change by buying/selling a home. Purchasing a home is a very emotional transaction and Emily feels privileged to help people find their dream home.

“Chief Chaos Momager” is a title Emily has given herself.  She and her husband Joe have two very active young children, William nine, and Emily, eight; both are excellent students and top notch little athletes. They come by their athletic prowess quite naturally as their dad is an Ironman finisher and an experienced pilot.  William, who excels at water polo and lacrosse, is learning trumpet.  Elena loves to play volleyball and is a budding fashionista who loves to style the whole family.  Plus the family rescue dog, a 70 pound Airedale full of muscle, love, and sloppy kisses.  Emily coined the perfect title.

This “Momager” is also an excellent manager of her own time. In addition to being an outstanding Realtor, Emily is on the Steering Committee at the Denver Center for Performing Arts, lunch lady at her children’s school, a Jr. Great Books facilitator and a cotillion chaperone.  She even sometimes coaches youth volleyball.

Fall is what Emily most loves about Colorado; the crisp clean air, bright blue skies, and the fragrant smell of the seasons changing and wood-burning fires in the distance….and football playing the background. Is especially pleasing when the Patriots or Broncos are playing.

This proud Realtor wants to show her children that perseverance, focus, and hard work provide not only a sense of purpose but also self-confidence.  Emily says “when I succeed, my whole family succeeds. We’re a team”.  This ambitious Momentum team member would be honored to be the housing matchmaker for her clients.

Agent Spotlight: Jeanne Pitre

jeanneJeanne Pitre has been a licensed Realtor since 2010 and with RE/MAX Momentum since 2016.   Before beginning her real estate career Jeanne worked for a commercial insurance broker in the claims department.  Jeanne enjoyed working with people on the phone, but knew she would get a lot more satisfaction and be able to build relationships if she were to work with people in person.  She also tired of sitting in a cubicle and working for someone else.

Having a sparkling, outgoing, and positive personality plus the ambition to be her own boss, Jeanne decided to explore real estate.  She found that it offers some very important things for her such as the kind of flexible time that allows her to participate fully with all her children’s activities.  Jeanne and her husband Jeff, have two children, Jadyn twelve, and Jace, nine.  Jace is a baseball player and Jadyn plays basketball, volleyball and does cheer.

Real estate is a business that requires lots of hard work and persistence, but also offers great rewards.  Jeanne is such an energetic lady that hard work is no problem.  The greatest rewards; i.e. the satisfaction of helping clients through the process of buying or selling a home, and then enjoying both their success and her own, proved to Jeanne that she is exactly where she wants to be and where she belongs.  Her clients whole heartedly agree.

Spare time is time for family and friends.  Jeanne enjoys skiing, traveling, bike riding, and attending her kids sporting and school events.  She even volunteers at their school. This Colorado girl, from Parker, attended Ponderosa High School and went on to study at Colorado State University.  Her favorite team?  Well, the RAMS of course.

Jeanne attributes her success to her ability to connect almost anyone on some level. Her attitude is that everyone deserves respect. Plus she provides above-the-top customer service, and follow through is definitely a mainstay of Jeanne’s formula for success.

Jeanne has set the bar high for herself. Her main goal is to have a successful business while still being a great mom and juggling all the school activities and sports.  She also wants to provide her family with the ability to travel, and to feel personal satisfaction while building lifelong friendships with clients and co-workers.    And, yes she is absolutely and beautifully succeeding in all.

Agent Spotlight: Kevin Gross

Kevin GrossKevin Gross started at RE/MAX Momentum in 2014 and just celebrated his 20th year with RE/MAX. He started his real estate career in 1983, selling in Aurora, CO. Kevin is a Top Producer and has won many awards including: Top Agent in his office three years running, Silver Circle, Bronze Circle-2 years, and President’s Club with a previous office.

As well as earning awards for Executive Club, President’s Club, and the 100% Club honor the past two years with RE/MAX. Kevin’s experience prior to real estate was construction and restaurant management. From building homes to listing and selling homes Kevin has excelled in the residential real estate business.
When asked what makes him successful, Kevin replies that he is a 3rd generation Realtor and that with his overall real estate knowledge and problem solving skills he excels at negotiating top selling prices for his clients. After working and living in the Fort Lupton area for most of his life he has extensive knowledge that lends him a unique insight into the Fort Lupton and surrounding area real estate markets. In addition to his years of experience, his diligence and negotiating skills contribute greatly to that success. Kevin has the drive that allows him the freedom to be self-employed which is one of the reasons he became a Realtor.
This third generation Fort Luptonite and Colorado Native takes advantage of the wonderful beauty and nature of this state. He loves the outdoors and everything associated with it. Kevin likes to ski, golf, camp, fish, 4-wheel, train his dogs and garden. He is an avid photographer and traveler. His bucket list includes seeing the Northern Lights. Kevin is active in his church community and has held many leadership roles.
Family is very important to Kevin. He has been married for 36 years to Michelle LeBlanc Gross who is a 6th generation Fort Lupton resident. He feels fortunate to have his two children, three grandchildren, brother and many in-laws living in Fort Lupton. Kevin’s parents just celebrated their 65th wedding anniversary and his father is a retired realtor with 40 years experience in residential and commercial real estate.
Prior to real estate Kevin managed Upper Crust Pizza in Greeley, CO after finishing college at UNC with a degree in Mass Media,Communications and Business. This early education really helped him in his ability to develop a strong marketing approach and receive top prices for his sellers. He still takes advantage of educational opportunities to continue to hone his skills as a knowledgeable realtor and negotiator and thrives on getting top dollar for his clients.
Kevin is skilled as a builder and is able to help his clients see the possibilities with any property and to maximize a homes potential and is eager to deliver results to his RE/MAX clients. He’s eager to help new clients and deliver great results. He considers it a privilege to help his clients who have chosen to work with him over the past 34 years buying and selling Colorado real estate.
How does Kevin continue to have success in real estate? Through referrals and repeat business from his many satisfied clients and his relationships with other professionals in the real estate world (mortgage officers, title company representatives and closers, inspectors…) that help to smooth the way for successful real estate transactions daily. Kevin is a trusted and knowledgeable top producing source for your real estate needs

Agent Spotlight: Alison Boonstra

alison boonstra Alison Boonstra joined the RE/MAX Momentum family in November of 2016.  Alison graduated college with a degree in Social Work.  She worked in that field for a few years before making the jump to real estate in 2000.

Realizing that she didn’t want to spend her whole career in social work, Alison asked herself what she really wanted to do. Since she had always loved working with people and loved touring houses, she thought real estate would be a perfect fit.  She quickly learned that this career involved a lot more than nice people and pretty houses!

Although it is much different than Alison first imagined, Alison found that she does truly love real estate. Alison loves that real estate is always challenging and never the same twice; it is always making one grow and learn what to do to best meet the needs of one’s clients.  Building relationships is hugely important to Alison in her business.  It is Alison’s desire that her clients never feel that they are just seen as transactions, but that they always feel that she cares and is interested in them, in who they are, and what their goals and dreams are.  To be part of helping them attain a portion of those goals, is a privilege that Alison is honored to have.

Alison is originally from Michigan, born and raised on the shore of Lake Michigan, playing in the sand and water, and boating down the coast.    Alison met her husband, Greg, who is a Denver native, in college in Michigan.  They spent some time in Chicago and moved to Brighton in 2007. Alison chose to stay home for with their two boys for nine years before deciding to return to her favorite career, real estate.  She then found her real estate family; Momentum.

In her “me time”, Alison enjoys running, hiking, and reading.  Family is hugely important to Alison and she cherishes having as much family time as possible; skiing together in winter, hiking and camping together in summer.  Alison loves being in the mountains which bring her and her family such wonderful experiences, but seeing the mountains for ten years has not diminished the beauty she finds in them.  Family movie and game nights are a favorite all year round. The Boonstra family weekends are also filled with watching the boys, Gavin and Brady, play basketball, soccer, and baseball.  Being together with friends whenever she can is also very high on Alison’s list of priorities.

It is very safe to say that this lovely Realtor has her priorities beautifully lined up.  Alison is thankful for those who has chosen to work with her; a wise choice indeed.  She is also eager to welcome many new clients and friends along the way.

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