Agent Spotlight: Brenda Solano

brendasolanoPhotoBrenda Solano joined RE/MAX Momentum in August 2010.    Brenda had held a real estate license since 1996 and had used her skills as a translator of Spanish/English to assist clients.  Prior to coming to RE/Max Brenda was translator for North Metro Community Service.  Brenda saw that there was a need for her totally amazing bi-lingual skill, and her compassion fueled her desire to serve the Spanish speaking community. Add to this that real estate is fun, albeit challenging, and allows a super intelligent and ambitious lady like Brenda Solano to thrive intellectually, emotionally and financially and voila, a winning combination.  Brenda has received the prestigious RE/MAX 100% award several times which attests her admirable success in the business.

Brenda is that combination of high energy participant, and quiet introvert.  She likes to spend time alone listening to music while cleaning her house, yet loves to be out dancing and having fun.  This beautiful, professional woman is never pushy and never loud, but one immediately recognizes the steely core and keen observant nature that does not miss a thing and allows Brenda to gracefully, and if needed, forcefully, come out on top of any transaction.

Brenda’s favorite dance partner is her husband of 24 years Rodolfo Solano.  They have three children, Leo, 21, a senior at CSU, Ismael, 20, a college freshman at Aims community College  and a proud member of the Air Force Reserve, and Eliezer, 13, a 7th grader at Foundations academy  and star Scout.  Brenda has enjoyed not only the financial benefits of Real Estate, which have helped hugely with kids in college. But the flexibility of dictating her own hours to be with her family and never leaving her kids unattended; Being able to attend Leo’s track events, and all the Scouting events; Ismael was an Eagle Scout and Eliezer is now following in his brother’s footsteps.  Brenda has become a master of time management!

Brenda enjoys reading, camping and hiking, dancing, cooking, working out, travel, and spending time with her family. She is treasurer of her HOA, and has been a Committee Member of her sons’ Scout Troop for nine years.  She is also a Boy Scout Councilor for some Merit Badges.  She has accompanied Brighton Troop 109 on many of her boys’ Scout camping trips.  The Master of Time Management title is more than deserved.

As far as Colorado is concerned, Brenda loves the seasons and the colors, and the weather, she paraphrases Forest Gump, “the weather in Colorado is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re going to get.”

Regarding her profession, Brenda believes that much of her success comes from working by referral. Brenda is friendly, and stays in touch with her clients, who are not only repeat clients, but also now, Brenda enjoys the pleasure and excitement of helping her client’s children buy their first home.  Brenda wants to serve and help her clients buy their first, or second home or sell a home while feeling happy and stress free during the transaction, trusting that a professional is taking care of them with knowledge, professionalism and good care.  All of Brenda’s clientele will tell you that she succeeds beautifully in doing just that.

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