Agent Spotlight: Darren Crocker



Darren Crocker joined RE/MAX in 2002 and came to the RE/MAX Momentum family in 2010.   Prior to real estate, Darren had been doing something he loved.  He did custom auto body and painting on drag racing cars in California; and he continued auto body and painting for car dealerships after moving back to Colorado.  A Darren Crocker car always elicits an enthusiastic WOW!

The problem with that career is that it is not healthy.  The paint fumes and bondo dust were taking a definite toll on Darren’s lungs and overall health.  Darren wanted a better quality of life for his family and himself; he wanted to be around to see his kids grow up.  So he found something else he loves to do; real estate, the career that allows him the flexibility and ability to answer only to himself.  He is so not a typical 8 to 5, yes boss, kind of guy.

Darren’s specialty is finding homes with big garages as he can really relate to car people; it is always extra fun to revel in like interests.  Yet Darren totally enjoys helping people make the biggest decisions of their lives allowing them to live out their own dreams of becoming a home owner in a house they like. Regardless of interests or specific tastes, Darren loves finding that perfect home; or helping to sell in record time for record price.

The love of cars and racing is still in Darren’s blood and his favorite team is his own 78 racing team!!! His second favorite team is the 78 Furniture Row Racing team in the NASCAR series which he works as a second job; but truly more for fun.  Darren’s success on the track is noteworthy and he has carried that ambition and drive, if you will, into his main career.  Darren is the honored recipient of the RE/MAX Hall of Fame Award and he has been in the 100% Club for the last 5 consecutive years.

When asked what makes him successful, he answers without hesitation, “my wife”. (Ladies, do we love this guy or what!) He adds that believing in himself and having a dedicated team of assistants to keep him, and all the paperwork, organized contributes immensely.

In addition to his beautiful wife of fifteen years, Lacy, the Crocker family has 3 smart, talented, and funny kids all with their own unique personalities: Colton, 21, Makenna, 12, and Gracie, 10.  Family time for the Crocker’s is especially fun!! They get to enjoy seeing dad race cars, go camping, boating, jet skiing and helping dad build hot rods.

Darren says he is grateful that his career provides a feeling of personal gratitude in helping others fulfill what feels like a far-fetched dream and turn it into reality with great satisfaction.  Seeing the happiness it bring to his clients makes it all worthwhile.   Having all this in beautiful Colorado with its 4 seasons and beautiful mountains, is so wonderful.  Whether driving a race car or a hard bargain to get you the best real estate deal; Darren Crocker always drives away with the trophy!

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  1. Darren’s an incredible talent in all that he touches. Congratulations Darren….well deserved “Kid”!! John & Debbie

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