Agent Spotlight: Greg Portlock

greg p

Greg Portlock has had a long career in real estate, something like twenty-five years and counting.  He came to RE/MAX Momentum in 2010 not long after the first Momentum office opened in Brighton.

Prior to real estate, when Greg was quite young and exploring careers, he sold carpet cleaning and cleaned carpets and was a waiter.  His mom, a very successful commercial realtor, convinced him to try commercial real estate. So finally, he did.  Greg enjoyed commercial real estate somewhat, but he was missing something essential for him.  People in need.

Now Greg would be last person to say he has this special soft spot in his heart for helping those who really need him; but I believe it is the core of who Greg Portlock is.   Successful at selling properties, absolutely! Greg counts among his awards for real estate the RE/MAX Lifetime Achievement award, the RE/MAX Hall of Fame award as well as multiple Platinum awards. Tough negotiator, absolutely!  Always ready for a good time and fun to be with; absolutely. But Greg has a unique approach to what he does. He stays in tune with what is going on and perceives what people really need at any given time.

Greg tried doing condo conversions and fix n flips for a while in the late 90’s and early 2000’s but the downturn after 9/11 caused that path to be less lucrative and much too risky.  Greg saw a need.  He started helping people avoid foreclosure.  This was before the industry saw the need and started offering classes on short sales.  He started negotiating with banks and, yes, essentially doing short sales. This allowed Greg to build quite a grateful and loyal following.  So his career remained strong in the good times as well.

Greg and his wife, Robyn, have been married for 23 years and have two great kids.  Daughter Hannah is 22, engaged, and studying nursing.  Son, Alex, is 19, just out of high school and becoming an entrepreneur.  Greg and Robyn have bought a ServiceMaster franchise and Alex and Robin are running the business.

When asked his favorite sports team, Greg enthusiastically replied the Oklahoma Sooners.  Greg originally hails from Oklahoma, but moved with his family to Denver in his teens because his Dad was pilot for Frontier.  So Greg finished growing up in Arvada.  Greg loves Colorado for the beautiful mountains, the change of seasons, the lack of humidity; but even more so for the variety of people. He pointed out that we Coloradoans are not stereotypical.  We have urbanites, Boulderites, plains folks, mountain folks, small towners, university types, name a type and you’ll find them in Colorado.  And in his spare time, in addition to golf and motorcycling, Greg most likes hanging out with people, family, friends and meeting all kinds of folks.

What makes Greg Portlock successful?  Staying in tune with what’s going on and providing people with what they need.  Greg’s pursuit of real estate provides the best, meeting and helping people, financial security for his family, and building a reputation that lasts.

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