Agent Spotlight: Alison Boonstra

alison boonstra Alison Boonstra joined the RE/MAX Momentum family in November of 2016.  Alison graduated college with a degree in Social Work.  She worked in that field for a few years before making the jump to real estate in 2000.

Realizing that she didn’t want to spend her whole career in social work, Alison asked herself what she really wanted to do. Since she had always loved working with people and loved touring houses, she thought real estate would be a perfect fit.  She quickly learned that this career involved a lot more than nice people and pretty houses!

Although it is much different than Alison first imagined, Alison found that she does truly love real estate. Alison loves that real estate is always challenging and never the same twice; it is always making one grow and learn what to do to best meet the needs of one’s clients.  Building relationships is hugely important to Alison in her business.  It is Alison’s desire that her clients never feel that they are just seen as transactions, but that they always feel that she cares and is interested in them, in who they are, and what their goals and dreams are.  To be part of helping them attain a portion of those goals, is a privilege that Alison is honored to have.

Alison is originally from Michigan, born and raised on the shore of Lake Michigan, playing in the sand and water, and boating down the coast.    Alison met her husband, Greg, who is a Denver native, in college in Michigan.  They spent some time in Chicago and moved to Brighton in 2007. Alison chose to stay home for with their two boys for nine years before deciding to return to her favorite career, real estate.  She then found her real estate family; Momentum.

In her “me time”, Alison enjoys running, hiking, and reading.  Family is hugely important to Alison and she cherishes having as much family time as possible; skiing together in winter, hiking and camping together in summer.  Alison loves being in the mountains which bring her and her family such wonderful experiences, but seeing the mountains for ten years has not diminished the beauty she finds in them.  Family movie and game nights are a favorite all year round. The Boonstra family weekends are also filled with watching the boys, Gavin and Brady, play basketball, soccer, and baseball.  Being together with friends whenever she can is also very high on Alison’s list of priorities.

It is very safe to say that this lovely Realtor has her priorities beautifully lined up.  Alison is thankful for those who has chosen to work with her; a wise choice indeed.  She is also eager to welcome many new clients and friends along the way.

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