Agent Spotlight: Debi Keene

debi keene 1Debi Keene Joined RE/Max Momentum in 2011.   Prior to real estate, Debi worked in international purchasing and distribution for over twelve years in a thriving family business.  Debi and her extended family members were instrumental in building the Cayman Islands, Turks & Caicos, the Bahamas, Aruba and many other islands.  They supplied and distributed building materials including electrical, plumbing, and heavy equipment; and Hagen Dazs ice cream.  For five years this versatile lady also designed eye wear for grocery and convenience stores managing a team of fourteen and a product line of five million.

What an incredible background to bring to real estate! Debi began her real estate career in Florida in 1993. She added an interior design business, Décor by Deb, to help people decorate their homes.  Debi was drawn to real estate by helping her mom who was a Realtor.  Her dad was a savvy investor and always told her “The money is in the land, they can’t make any more dirt.”

Debi believes that family is the most important thing in life. Her 38-year marriage, successful son and sassy granddaughter plus a cherished bull dog, attest to her beautiful outlook and personal success in life as well as in business. Debi is modest about her accomplishments and awards, and there are many both real estate and otherwise.  She has achieved numerous RE/MAX awards, and she adds more every year.

A fan of beautiful Colorado, Debi likes to get outdoors and be in nature; hiking, walking, boating, fishing, boarding.  She enjoys day trips, camping, and traveling.  She also really loves winery lunches with clients and friends, wine nights with the girls.  Grandma Days, family nights, and charity are on the top of Debi’s list of favorite activities.

This high energy, positive and fun lady loves helping people.  She finds helping people find their new home or sell their home and move on, to be tremendously rewarding.  All the awesomeness and positivity Debi projects are reflected in all Debi does. She says that in real estate she meets the most amazing people and most end up becoming life-long friends who refer their friends and family. She enjoys listening to her clients express their wants, needs, and wishes and then finding the perfect home for them.

There are a few other loves in Debi Keene’s life; she LOVES negotiating and has fun getting the best deal for her clients. She loves her favorite charities: Food for Hope, St. Jude Children’s Hospital, and Boys and Girls Clubs. And she loves having a career that allows the flexible schedule to have those cherished Family Nights and Grandma Days.

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