Agent Spotlight: Michelle Dent Jackson

MichelleDent-P1390010-retouchMichelle Dent has been with Re/Max Momentum February 2012.    You have only to be introduced to this beautiful lady to realize she is a force of nature.  Before real estate, when she must have been barely of age, Michelle worked as a cocktail waitress in Blackhawk.  She opened Bullwhackers and then opened Colorado Central Station.  A discussion of careers brought real estate to Michelle’s attention and she thought it sounded like it might be a fun job.  For Michelle it was both fun and lucrative, twenty two and a half years later it is still both fun and lucrative.

Michelle has had, and continues to have a wonderfully successful career.  She has received the Hall of Fame Award, the 100% Club Award and her 15 years with REMAX Recognition.  She looks forward to reaching the Platinum Award for 2017 and a REMAX Lifetime Achievement Award.

How does that success keep coming?  Mostly by referrals from past clients.  Those referrals come because Michelle does such a dynamite job.  She offers a transaction that is smooth and pleasant, oiled by her hard work and expertise.  And because she is a delightful and fun person to be around, clients keep coming back and bringing their friends and families. And amazingly, she seems to make it look easy!

In addition to all this real estate business, Michelle has a very active and full life with family and personal activities.  Michelle’s 12-year-old daughter attends Stargate School and plays volleyball and competitive softball; many mons would consider that a full time job in itself.  Michelle has been married for four and a half years and also had a stepdaughter who is a junior at CU Denver.  A native of Colorado, Michelle started life on the Western Slope where she lived in Delta until she was seven.  Her family then moved to the metro area and lived in Edgewater and Wheatridge through her remaining school years.  Michelle has one brother who lives in Nashville with his wife and Michelle’s two beautiful five and eight year old nieces.  Michelle’s parents have just celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary.  Rounding out this lovely and close family are two silver labs.

Michelle loves Barre workouts, camping with her daughter, slalom skiing, wakeboarding, and jet skiing.  She used to race stand up jet skis women’s division and even competed at ITJSBA Nationals in Lake Havasu AZ in Combined Men/Womens Class.  To round out fun activities Michelle enjoys shopping and, yes, happy hour.

Wait, as if all the above doesn’t fill and perhaps overfill Michelle’s time, for the last seven years she has generously served on Haven HOA Board contributing her time to keep the community looking good and planning three family/neighbor events each year.

This Colorado girl is, of course, a Bronco fan.  She also loves NASCAR and particularly Martin Truex #78, sponsored/owned by our local Furniture Row.  Michelle loves our mountains and that Colorado has four seasons.  Mostly Michelle loves being a part of the home buying/selling process.  Michelle finds great reward in knowing she is a trusted and knowledgeable source that her clients look to, again and again.

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