Agent Spotlight: Dustin Duff


Dudustinstin Duff joined the RE/MAX Momentum family early 2017 to further his real estate career.  Before he followed his calling to real estate, Dustin was a police officer for 10 years.  He worked in many capacities including investigations, community relations, patrol and problem solving projects.

But Dustin switched to real estate for some very important and insightful reasons.

He had made a career of helping others at their worst, then he started coaching football at a local high school and realized he could help in other ways as well. Being a police officer essentially a 24/7 job. So with too many schedule conflicts, and the burden placed on his family, he decided he needed to be self employed to help people in the ways he wanted to.

Dustin’s main points of personal satisfaction lie in completing, and helping others, complete their goals. Watching others buy their first home or watching someone turn their life around is where his personal success comes from; trophies and medals get lost and stored in boxes, the memories you build with others stays with a person forever.

Dustin’s sports / competitive background, combined with his loyalty to others makes a recipe for a determined mind that won’t take less. He fights hard to accomplish goals and get the results he feels his clients and family deserve.  For Dustin, falling short of those goals is not an option. Finding new ways to hit those goals, only makes a stronger person.

As for his clients, Dustin’s overall goal is for them to look at him, at the end of the transaction, and have nothing but good thoughts. He wants them to know he did everything in his power to make their big decision the best they had ever made. With this come lifelong friendships and connections.  Hearing these words from Dustin leaves no doubt that there is impressive power behind them.

Dustin and his wife Jenna have two dogs and though they do not have any children Dustin takes great pride in his niece and nephew, Kirra and Brycen, and watching them grow.

A football fanatic at heart, Dustin grew up in a University of Colorado family and loves the Colorado Buffaloes. He’s a Bronco fan as well, but he finds the pureness of the college game awesome.  Coaching High school football and helping young men has become one of Dustin’s favorite things.  Thanks for that Dustin, our high school boys are so in need of that positive male role model who is not related to them, but cares for then none-the-less.

Dustin likes water sports and enjoying the weather.  Whether you want to go to the mountains to camp or the dunes to dune buggy, Colorado has a lot to offer.

Dustin believes the day to grind of life happens and we chose not to explore other things that may interest us.  So he ties to spend daily time learning something new or trying something new.  He says life is too short to have regrets when the time comes!

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