Agent Spotlight: Jami Bedsaul

Jami bedsaul new

Jami Bedsaul has been with RE/MAX Momentum since May of 2012.   Nothing was more fun and fulfilling for Jami than nurturing her growing family.  So being the ambitious and enterprising lady she is, Jami established an accounting business which allowed her to work from home.  But as children grow up, we have to send them off to school.  Home based accounting? Not so much fun anymore for someone who loves people and gets great satisfaction from helping them.

The accounting business for Jami involved work with contractors and developers both commercial and residential.  Through accounting, Jami had learned tons about real estate, construction, and investment. She decided to explore the possibility of becoming a real estate agent and realized it was the perfect fit.  Wow, was it ever.  Jami achieved Momentum Rookie of the Year in 2013 and became a member of the 100% Club her very first year.  Jami has maintained that momentum attaining the 100% Club award every year since.

Jami will tell you the reason for her success is hard work, and great communication.  That and putting her clients first;  Jami’s deals are not all about Jami, not at all. Jami really listens to her clients, emphasizes with them and revels in their delight at getting the property that is just right for them. The same love and caring, total sense of fun, and viewing the world from another’s point of view that makes Jami a great wife and mother makes her a dynamite Realtor.

Family time for the Bedsaul clan includes watching her sons play football, watching her daughter dance, camping, and various other sports that catch the kids’ fancy.  Jami also loves kayaking on a calm lake, running, reading and doing crafts. The Bedsaul’s have lived in Frederick for many years.  Jami loves working the north metro area but will work wherever her client wants to be.

Jami’s goal is for her clients to have an enjoyable time while achieving the best and easiest real estate deal they have, and will ever have.  She understands the unique stresses of buying and selling real estate and strives to totally ease that stress.  Jami Bedsaul is that amazing person who can swim with the sharks, put together a killer deal for her clients and very gracefully swim away leaving everyone smiling.

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