Agent Spotlight: Stacie Packard

Stacie Packard Heashot _010-2Stacie has been with RE/Max Momentum since November 2015.   In a 20+ year career in property management, Stacie distinguished herself especially in the area of affordable housing management.  Stacie began on the ground floor as a leasing agent and worked her way up to VP, achieving a number of Property Management designations along the way. She helped grow the company to one that managed 5500 units and worked properties in California, Wyoming, Colorado, and Oklahoma. Stacie was President of the Affordable Housing Management Association Board of Directors for two years and served as Past President for another two.  She was nominated for the prestigious Leadership course for “up and coming” business people at the University of Denver.

While doing all that she married Bill and raised two amazing kids who are now both in college.

Switching to Realtor was a natural progression, from the demanding corporate world to a profession that allows time to be much more flexible.  Stacie has moved from helping the less fortunate who may have been on the street find a comfortable apartment, to helping those fortunate enough to own their own homes find just the right one.  She is also great at the selling end, as problem solving and negotiating have become second nature. Stacie is currently learning all about farm, ranch, and land sales.

Stacie and her husband of 25 years, Bill, left the city to move onto the Packard farm and ranch in Adams County. Although both continue to work their other jobs, the family Loves farming and works lots of acres. Stacie and Bill hope to acquire even more acreage and to pass a successful farming operation on to their son, Ryan, because Ryan would rather be driving a giant tractor than a sports car. There is nothing quite like seeing your husband and son bring in a harvest while you keep tables full of food and the coffee flowing.

The balance of a professional career, family, and farming is very special to Stacie and she excels at all three.  According to Stacie, this just couldn’t work better anywhere other than Colorado; and especially the Denver Metro area.  Stacie and her daughter, Halie, can go shopping in all the great malls and shopping districts, enjoy a concert or play and have the guys join them for a gourmet dinner.  The family can indulge their love of high school and college football from Colorado Springs to Fort Collins.  And when there is time, so many great movies and books. And then are the mountains and the beauty from snowcapped peaks to awe inspiring sunsets on the plains.  It just doesn’t get better than that.

Professionally, Stacie strives to make each transaction pleasant and seamless.  Her love of people, her tenacity, diligence and attention to detail make that happen.  Stacie says “I enjoy working with people and seeing them realize their dreams. I love to sell real estate.”

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