Agent Spotlight: Kerri Navarro

agent picKerri Navarro found her career as a REALTOR somewhat unexpectedly. Starting a job in Property Management right out of college, she soon came to the realization that she could have a more significant impact by helping her clients buy and sell property. After numerous awards as a Community Manager, she made the transition to real estate and hasn’t looked back. . Kerri’s natural talent for problem solving is perfect for guiding buyers and sellers through all types of real estate transactions, ensuring every decision is carefully considered and thus keeping her buyers and sellers well informed. Kerri finds few things as rewarding as leaving the closing table knowing that she has helped her clients fulfill their real estate goals.  The most exciting part of her business this year is that she has partnered up with her husband, Ray Navarro, to create a synonymous team.

The Navarros currently live in Brighton with their two beautiful children and surrounded by the love of their two golden retrievers.  They are usually found skiing in the mountains in the winter while spending time swimming and traveling in the summer.  They consider themselves to be a caring and honest husband and wife team who put the priority of their clients first and foremost!  This is what sets Kerri and her husband apart while at the top of their profession.

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