Agent Spotlight: Jennifer Zimmerman

agent pic

Jennifer Zimmerman hasn’t always had a career in real estate, but it has always been one of her passions. After her family moved to Indiana from the suburbs in Pittsburg in her mid-teens, she remembers being fascinated by the differences between the neighborhoods and lifestyles. From then on, in some form or another, real estate was never far from her mind.

After a growing weary of the tumultuous telecommunication industry, Jennifer saw an opportunity to finally pair her passion with her livelihood and start a new career in real estate. Drawing from her Communications and Marketing degree from Purdue University and customer service expertise from the corporate world, she developed a reputation as an exemplary agent with shrewd negotiating skills.

Jennifer’s favorite part of the job is helping people through their transitions in life. From newborns to newlyweds, job changes to retirement and everything in between, she finds it immensely rewarding to guide clients through the transaction, including all of the stress and hard work and see their faces as they walk in their new front door for the first time. Clearly a favorite among her clients, Jennifer has been named a Five Star Professional for the last five years, which she finds particularly gratifying since the designation is assigned by a neutral third party that collects information via surveys sent out post-closing.

Outside the office, Jennifer adheres to the motto, “work hard, play hard.” She feels quite lucky to live in Colorado, surrounded by all of its beautiful “playgrounds.” She loves to travel, golf and if she can combine the two, that’s her version of paradise.

Jennifer Zimmerman builds her business through relationships by making sure her clients are satisfied through every step of the process; that is her top priority. Her unwavering commitment to handle every transaction with honesty and integrity is the core of her success. If you’re thinking about buying or selling – or just looking for a little advice – Jennifer has the answers to all your real estate questions

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