Construction Update: Union Station (April 12, 2013)

Courtesy: James W Jenson Photography
Courtesy: James W Jenson Photography

Regional Bus Facility (LRT to DUS Building)

In the interior of the bus facility, crews are continuing to install the electrical/mechanical rough-ins, fire protection and lighting.  Final finishes in the pedestrian concourse – including insulation, drywall, and the metal panels – continues as does installation of the glass that separates the pedestrian concourse from the bus loading area. Other finish work, like millwork, terrazzo tile for the floor and glass tiles, is also starting. Crews are working on the stairs, escalators, and elevators from the CRT platforms to the underground bus facility.

Regional Bus Facility

Commuter Rail (CRT) and Train Hall

With the Train Hall canopy structure complete, crews continue to work on touch-up painting, installation of gutters and technology wiring.  The pedestrian bridge that will connect the Wynkoop Plaza to Wewatta St. at the north end of the canopy has been placed.  Later this month crews will be working on the stairs and elevators that will provide access from the pedestrian bridge to the platforms. The PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene) fabric (similar to the roof at DIA) will be installed towards the end of the month.  Crews will place it at the north end first and then tension it until it is taut.

CRT platforms, extensions and the associated wall erection are ongoing. This work includes grading, installing conduit, storm drains, and backfill.
April 10, 2013
Through The Arch

SW View
Streets and Utilities

There will be intermittent lane restrictions on Wynkoop St. between 17th and 16th Streets for the next few weeks to accommodate work the water feature in the Wynkoop Plaza.  Flaggers will direct traffic as needed.

Pavilions and Plaza

Crews continue to work on the Pavilions at Chestnut and Wewatta. In the Wewatta Plaza, tree trenches, granite seat wall foundations and light fixtures are being installed.   In Wynkoop Plaza, crews are working on the water feature.  With the beginning of spring, planting of trees, flowers and shrubs will begin.

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